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Saturday, January 23, 2010

You Can Heal Your Life

I’ve started to re read “You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise L Hay. I read it a few years ago and have been using her affirmations on and off as I need them. I definitely needed them the other day.

Last Monday night I suddenly got a very strong headache based over my right eye. My eye was more watery than normal and hurt. I have a blocked tear duct in that eye, so I’m used to it watering, but this was like a thin stream down my cheek. I went to bed and hoped it would go away the next day. Well, the next day it was worse. I had conjunctivitis in my right eye. Pus was everywhere and it itched. I wear contact lenses, so getting any sort of eye infections is not good. Then I remembered the affirmations in “You Can Heal Your Life”.

Some of you might not believe me, but Hay’s affirmations have helped me in the past. I found the one for conjunctivitis and repeated it over and over and over again. I said it to myself. I sang it to myself. When my boys got too loud I shouted it to myself which caused great amusement. Whatever I did that day, I made sure that all I was thinking of was that particular affirmation. It worked.

By the time I woke up on Wednesday morning my eye was fine. There was no more pus and it wasn’t as watery as it had been. It was a little bit redder than the other eye, but didn’t itch any more. I was cured!

On Wednesday afternoon I remembered I had a dentist appointment the following day. I am petrified of dentists. Thirty years ago, after a major motorbike accident, I had to have a bridge put in. It took weeks of pain and I never want to go through that again. So every time I see a dentist I am scared they are going to tell me it has to be redone. I was also reasonably sure I would have to have a couple of fillings.

I thought of how the affirmations had worked for my eye and decided to try them for my teeth. I found the one for teeth problems and started repeating it over and over. I even fell asleep that night repeating it to myself.

The next day the dentist cleared me for any fillings and my bridge was fine. I have some gum problems, but they can be cured. I was so happy!

The more I read about how our minds work, the more I’m convinced we have the power to change our lives using our thoughts. Negative thoughts bring on negativity; positive thoughts can only change our lives to be even more wonderful than they are now. I highly recommend this book to everyone who might want to change or heal their lives.


  1. Wow... I loved this post!

    I do believe in the power of positive thinking. Sometimes though it is hard to think positive when you are in such a negative mood. My husband read a book something that sounds kinda similar called "The Secret."

    Next time I am at the library I am going to check to see if they have this book. :)

  2. I've never heard of the book, but positive thinking is always something to strive for.

    Is there anyone who is NOT scared of the dentist?

  3. Hello,

    I am glad that Hay's affirmations work for you and I am delighted that the resulta are as great as you described them.

    I found Hay's book 'You can heal your life' at the library in March 2009. I've been working with it very much ion the beginning and the affirmations have helped me resolve both stress attacks and physical pain. Personally, I prefer Hay's book "YOU CAN HEAL YOUR LIEFE" to the SECRET. However, both books have their room. I bet that there are people who find one of the two better than the other. Both books are good as they can enable us to think in more positive ways which gives us more peace of mind and harmony in our life,

    I am very grateful that Hay wrote and published that book. I wish her plenty of happiness and good health as her book enriches the lives of numerous people in this world.

    And to you, dear writer of this "personal story" all the best and plenty of happiness and good health.

  4. A lovely post :) I "chose" to become a far more positive thinking person about 5 years ago. I think that's when I really started to live. Life since has handed me many wonderful opportunities and I'm constantly on the lookout for more. If your mind is healthy your body will follow *smile*


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