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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Face it

The other day I went to buy makeup – foundation to be exact. It was perhaps something I shouldn’t have contemplated as I was shopping with my 21 year old son at the time, but I got the urge to test some of the new mineral makeup available, so into the pharmacy I went.

The array of mineral makeup was slightly overwhelming. I didn’t know where to start. It took a few minutes, but eventually a saleswoman came up to help me. She proceeded to test different brands and shades on my face and jaw line. I felt a bit like an irregular patchwork painting. All this while my son was waiting…

The brand I wanted to buy didn’t have the correct shade for my skin. The expensive brand had the correct shade – of course. However, when I tried the mineral makeup I noticed one giant fault. It didn’t really cover my open pores.

So I ended up getting the same liquid makeup I’ve always had. Whether it really is better, or whether I just perceive it to be better, I don’t know. What I do know is I’m comfortable with it.

I find I’m slowly coming full circle in my life. As a child I never wore makeup. As a teenager I wore makeup if I was going out with my friends, or on a date or somewhere special. As a young woman I never left the house without my “face” on. As a mother of babies and young children it was lucky if I had time to take a shower and get dressed, let alone finding any makeup to put on. As a woman who returned to work I again never left the house without my “face”. Now that I am middle aged I again have the confidence (or maybe the indifference) to only wear makeup if I go to work or out somewhere special. Maybe I will eventually not wear it again?

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  1. It's so good to hear from you. I love the design of ur blog.

    I agree completely with your last paragraph. As a teenager, I never wore makeup. It wasn't til I was out of college and working that I started to put my "face" on and feel the comfort of that ritual.

    Now, I'm middle-aged as well, I'm indifferent enough to only wear it when I please, sometimes I put it on just to go to the grocery store because I feel like it. I still remember my grandmother's pink lipstick she wore into her 70s.

    I joke with an older woman that we'll be "gradne dames" or "great broads". I'll wear outlandish hats and red lipstick when I please, I'm sure.