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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sleepless Nights

Last night was my second sleepless night in a row and today I'm definitely suffering. Not even strong coffee is helping me to stay awake at work.

We are in the middle of a heatwave. While Europe and USA are attempting to dig themselves out of the snow, Australia is rapidly melting under a furnace like sun. Yesterday it was 43 degrees C, roughly 109 degrees F. At midnight it was 36 degrees C, approx 96 degrees F. We have no air conditioning at home, but we do have fans. However at around 9pm last night we had a power outage.

Now, blackouts don't normally drive me crazy, but we were the only house in our area to blackout. Yes, I did check the fuse box. Yes, I did walk up and down the two streets around us and all the other houses looked quite cheerful with their lights blaring, TVs going and air conditioners cooling. Our house was the only house that was shrouded in a hot dark blanket.

I didn't bother to call the power company as our phone doesn't work without electricity and the last time I used my mobile to call them it cost me $35 for one call! I checked the power outages on the internet and found it was going to take until 3am to get the power back on. I took my make up off by candle light (even the candle's flame was too hot) and went to bed.

There was no way I could sleep. The heat was too intense. At midnight I got up and had a cold shower. At 2am the power came back on and I think I managed to nod off around 3am. At 5am my alarm went off.

My work day has been one major struggle to stay awake. I don't think I've been very productive although, impossible as it may seem I have managed to get things done. The weather is meant to cool down soon so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I can get a good nights sleep!


  1. What a night! Maybe you need a new mattress to sleep better. And the power being out... I am just glad it is back on. By the way, I wish it was summer in Atlanta, the last few days we had some snow.

  2. Snow in London too - happy for you to send some of the excess heat our way!

    Hope it cools down for you soon.



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