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Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Why am I still getting pimples at 49 years of age? These unwelcome skin eruptions were meant to cease and desist once I stopped being a teenager and turned into an adult. I forgave them for not disappearing the night I turned 21, but to continue on their merry way for another 28 years with no end in sight? Please!

OK, so I’m not covered in red and white lumps of unattractiveness as I was in my teens. But I do suffer from the one or two reddened bumps that often irresistible to scratch and push and squeeze until I have quite disfigured myself.

After many failed attempts with different products, I’ve discovered that tea tree oil works wonders on these ugly critters. Dabbing it on at night and often they vanish without any further treatment. Sometimes, the more resistant of them requires a few more dabs.

But I shouldn’t have to dab! Or push or squeeze or even look at these awful spots. I am nearly half a century old and I deserve not to have pimples!


  1. I totally agree - I thought the trade off for getting older was no more spots! But sadly it isn't, I use tea tree oil too but it doesn't work on the more resistant growths!

  2. I actually take a cotton ball and just lightly run it over my face with some alcohol every night after I wash my face. I found this will stop the spread of acne and kills all the uckie germs. Especially since washing your face sometimes doesn't take all the make-up off and you can really see it on the white of the cotton ball. Of course, I don't know if that will dry out your skin or anything, but I don't have any issues with dryness. I put it on, then lotion up, and I am good to go. I rarely get pimples anymore since I started doing this.

  3. Yes, I too thought that the pimples would disappear with age. Not so. And yeah, the little suckers are irresistible. Once my finger knows they're there, I'll be prodding away at them.

    P.S. Thanks for the visit.

  4. I am 35 & still get the occassion pimple. Not like I did as a teen though, Thank God!

  5. Well, i must say that i completely agree with you about the tea tree oil.I find that tea tree oil works wonders. Have you tried the Body Shop's Tea Tree Stick? I use it for my occasional teenage pimples, and I find it's perfect. Try it out! :)
    p.s. very good work on your blog :)


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