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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Packing dilemmas

This weekend I will be visiting a friend of mine who lives in a country
town not too far away. I'm quite looking forward to seeing her again as
its been awhile. However, my problem is and always will be packing!

I can never make up my mind what clothes to take with me whenever I go
away from home. The number of "just in case" items grows and grows until
it becomes a small mountain on my bed. Not to mention the shoes. What if
we decide to go out to dinner or a club? What if we decide to go walking
or venture on some other form of exercise? What if the weather suddenly
gets colder/hotter? What if I somehow get food/mud/dirt on my clothes
and have to change? My list of "just in case" scenarios is endless.

And my pile of "just in case" things grows with each scenario. Will I
wear this jewellery with that outfit, or that jewellery with this
outfit? Can I make one necklace do for all? And shoes! No, I did say not
to mention shoes. But might I just say that I don't seem to have one
pair of shoes that will go with every outfit!!!

Then there's the dilemma of pyjamas. Do I take my new ones that might be
a bit warm for a very hot weekend. As in temperature hot - it will be
sweltering this weekend. Or do I take my cooler, older ones that haven't
quite lost their respectability but are definitely not at their best. Of
course if its just my friend there the older ones will do. But what if
her daughter and son turn up or decide to stay the weekend too?

Of course I had to pack everything last night and this morning before I
left for work, which gave me little time to dither over my decisions. On
my way to work I realised just how many things I've forgotten to pack.
The jewellery I mentioned - well, I shouldn't have spent so much time
making that decision because I forgot it! And I forgot some of my
toiletries. I just hope there are some stores open when I get there.

1 comment:

  1. Don't worry, just look forward to having fun with your friend.


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