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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Dress Up Blues

I have been invited to a wedding and I’m quite looking forward to going. But (and there is always a but) I have to buy a new outfit. It was fortunate that a couple of weeks ago I bought a new pair of black shoes, as yet unworn, which solves the shoe problem, however it means that any dress I buy must go with black shoes.

There is a bigger problem. I really need a new body in order to shop for a new outfit. I am very unhappy with the body I have. The body I now inhabit has far too many lumps and bumps that simply weren’t there 30 years ago. There are too many flabby bits and too many bits that just won’t sit properly.

Now I know I’m not overweight. I’m actually just below that line of being overweight. I’m still barely in the healthy zone, but I’m reasonably comfortable with that. Until I went shopping today, then the realisation hit me. I might not be overweight, but I’ve reached that age where one gets saggy bits and flabby bits and they all look so wrong!

Yes, I admit it; I’m having problems with aging gracefully.

I would love to be as wealthy as Madonna and be able to afford personal trainers and the time to exercise. But I have to work full time and I have to be a mother and I’ve chosen to study part time and do some volunteer work so I can’t possibly fit in the hours of exercise each day that I need to get the body I want! What to do?

I was so disillusioned while trying on dresses I nearly cried.

I can’t believe clothes can make me feel so bad. But they do. The dresses I liked either didn’t fit or looked awful. The dresses that fit made me look like a 70 year old granny.

I envy those women who, despite what their bodies look like, can step out in any sort of fashion, strut their stuff, flash their femininity and look fabulous. I have seen some overweight women who just have the “wow” factor and when they dress up are drop dead gorgeous. But I’m not like that.

I’m not sure how I’m going to deal with this. I should really sit myself down and give myself a stern lecture. But I won’t. Instead I might try to fit some exercise in and see if it makes a difference in a week. Then I might try some different stores, perhaps some boutiques. I do have to watch the finances, but for a special occasion I can splash out a bit.

I just want to look good – is that so bad???


  1. You and me both Sandy! My advice is to leave it for a week and then go to a different shop. You may be in a different mood, try things that you don't normally go for, and if the shop assistant is an owner of a boutique sometimes they can recommend things. x

  2. rock on Diva!
    i agree with allison

  3. im gettin a bit of grey on me ..... but i dont feel so bad about it....:) hang tough

  4. Believe me, I absolutely know how you feel! Some women, know matter what their size, really do have a gift for finding the right clothes. I have actually come to the point where I try to find shops that carrt simple, yet elegant styles, and have the saleslady work with me to find something that will flatter my less than flattering body parts!

  5. Thank you all! I think I will try a different store next weekend and this time I'll take the shoes with me!

  6. I always tell people...go for classic clothes that you feel comfortable in. Dress it up with fabulous jewellery and accessories. Get a good makeup...haircut. You will look and feel great!


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