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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Things I would like to know

Life brings with it many enigmas and puzzles. As long as man has walked this earth there have been conspiracies, plots, secret handshakes, cover ups, misinformation, misguidance and outright lies. There are many mysteries that, given the chance, I would love to know the answers to. Some of the answers I desire would, I’m sure, have earth shattering consequences. Some would be of no use to anyone except me.

These are the things that one day I would like to know the answers to, not in any particular order:

1. Why did my mother have my hair cut short when I was 8 or 9?

2. Where do all the single socks really go?

3. Who really shot JFK and why?

4. Did Marilyn Monroe really commit suicide or was she murdered?

5. There are many gospels that never made it to the official bible, what do they have in them?

6. Why did my last boyfriend dump me?

7. Would I have been a successful model, if I had, at the time, taken the opportunity offered?

8. Was Princess Diana really murdered, was there a conspiracy, or was it simply an unfortunate accident?

9. What really happened to Harold Holt?

10. What happened to my Alicia Keys CD that disappeared about 10 years ago?

11. While I was being delivered by Caesarean section, my father was given the choice of saving my mother or me if things went wrong. Who did he choose?

12. What really happens when we die?

13. If each of us has a purpose in life, what is mine?

14. What is the real explanation for the Bermuda Triangle?

15. Did the Holy Grail ever really exist and where is it now?


  1. You've got a couple of MY questions on your list! If you find out the answers and are able to pass on the info, please do share.

    Especially where my socks go.

  2. Yes! Share any answers you may get.

    Although some things we are just better not knowing. Like the boyfriend. Let's just say he's a doofus.


  3. What we need is a cunning plan.

    And socks, everyone knows that the socks are sucked up by the little gremlins that live in the back of the lint trap in the dryer.... or so my 5 year old nephew has told me right before throwing his Batman doll at me.

  4. If you find out the answers to any of these questions, let me know--especially the vexing socks one!

  5. Hmmmmm.....good questions!!!

    I know it's 3 licks to the center of Tootsie pop... But your ?'s I will have to do some research on!!


  6. Very cool questions... I can tell you are a thoughtful person. :)

  7. The sock problem clearly is a global one. There just has to be a Lost Sock Land somewhere!

  8. #11 Do they actually ask questions like that? Geez!

  9. To #7 yes! but.. u may have been so successful u would become obsessed with being thin and vacationing in hawaii and never settled down and had kids..EVER!

  10. Great questions. I've always been curious over the Bermuda Triangle.

  11. I promise to post any answers I come up with!

  12. Thank you for your comment on my blog this morning. I read it from my phone before getting up and thought, "Somebody *gets* it!!" Nice way to start the day.

    I like your list. My mom cut my hair so badly when I was five (roughly 11 years before I cared one wit about style of any sort) that I never let her do it again. And my dad insisted that I keep my hair short because it was curly. Meanwhile, my sister with the straight, flowing chestnut hair grew hers to her waist. Today we're opposite (well, neither goes to the old extremes, but you get the idea).


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