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Saturday, May 15, 2010


My youngest son has had a setback, a disappointment. The goal he set himself of playing football again for the school next week won’t be realised. The school has kept him on the injured list, no matter that he hasn’t seen the physiotherapist yet for a clearance. He was devastated by their decision. He lost his motivation. He just wanted to give up.

However, since this disappointment, he has managed to turn around his attitude and regain his motivation with a lot of help from his physiotherapist, the rehabilitation specialist and the Director and players at his football club. I can’t speak highly enough of a club that looks after even the least of its players so well. Not that my son is the least of its players, but he isn’t in the top team and is still so young.

The people at the club, from the Committee down to the health and medical staff, all care about each other. The older more experienced players mentor the younger ones. My son has told me its like being a part of a family.

With the help of a couple of motivational talks, my son is now back on track with his rehabilitation. His motivation has returned. He now hopes to play with the club next Saturday. I hope he will too.

The whole episode got me thinking. Life and football are full of so many disappointments. But it is how we handle them that matters. The words we choose, the attitude we present, the choices we make all show the world our character in these situations. We can either choose to fold and give into to the disappointment, or we can choose to square our shoulders, face the situation and get on with changing it.

My son has chosen to square his shoulders and get on with it. I am so proud of him.


  1. It is how we handle things. Our view of the little things vs the big things in life.

    I really want to say right now "you did good kid"

  2. Good for him! and the club! Sounds like there are some great role models around him. Like you........

  3. Oh my gosh, yes, you should be so proud of him. This means that he is learning how to deal with disappointments that are bound to come.

    I'm always sorry for the kids who's parents make everything all rosy and perfect for them. What the heck is going to happen to them when they have to face life for real?

  4. It is great your son has so much support around him AND faith in himself. It's what we all need--isn't it?

  5. That is so wonderful...You are raising wonderful boys!!!


  6. I'm so proud of your son for keeping a positive attitude during a very disappointing time in his life. It does make a difference, and when things aren't going as planned, it's always best to surround yourself with people who care, understand, and who pour out their positive energy, when we can't seem to muster it up on our own. You're a great role model! Words to live by!

  7. What doesn't kill him will make him stronger!

  8. I cant imagine how difficult life as a professional footballer would be. In some ways I am lucky I wasnt so skilled, I played only for fun and nobody really expected anything.

    Tom Australia

  9. Thank you everyone for your comments. My son read my blog and your comments and they made him feel much better. This Saturday he will be able to play football again!


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