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Sunday, May 23, 2010

My Ideal Partner

A friend of mine got me thinking of what my ideal partner would be like, if I could choose to build one from scratch so to speak. Over the past day or so my list of preferred characteristics has been muddling around in my head, so I thought I might just put it down in black and white.

My ideal partner is male. He is between 6’4 and 6’8 in height, of athletic build and his arms are perfectly sculptured with muscles – like those of an NBA basketballer. He keeps himself healthy and fit. He is between 45 and 55 years of age, born in USA and of mixed race with an African American background.

My ideal partner is financially well off and successful in his chosen line of work, which is something legal. He is also generous and interested in philanthropy.

My ideal partner is honest, has integrity and is kind and considerate. He has my sort of sense of humor and can make me laugh. He likes to spend time with me, but knows when to give me my space. He thinks I’m special and he doesn’t cheat.

My ideal partner gets on well with my boys. He enjoys sport, especially AFL football and basketball. He most probably played sport at some time in his life, maybe even at a professional level, and possibly works in some sort of sporting area.

My ideal partner is intelligent and likes to converse about many subjects. He keeps up with world news and is interested in other countries, other cultures and people in general.

My ideal partner enjoys a variety of foods from different countries. He likes going to different restaurants. He drinks moderately, but chooses to have a glass or two of good wine with dinner. He listens to jazz, RnB – especially old school, and an eclectic mix of popular music, but he doesn’t like classical music or country or grunge or punk. He doesn’t mind going to a concert or the movies or a favorite bar but is just as happy to visit friends or stay at home.

My ideal partner does not like camping or fishing or 4wheel driving. He much prefers to holiday in warm places with lovely beaches and 5 star hotels. He loves to travel and is always eager to visit another part of the world, always taking me with him.

My ideal partner likes sex and knows what he’s doing in the bedroom. We are mutually compatible in that area. He likes to cuddle, is relaxed and is not afraid of who he is or what he wants from life.

My ideal partner is out there somewhere and I’m sure I will find him. Perhaps he is writing his own list on his computer?


  1. Yes, I like this man for you. He's hot. Plus, he earns a living legally.
    Keep faith that you find each other in reality!

  2. I'm smiling. I can totally see this guy sitting with you on a beach chair BBQing soon!

  3. You'll find him....Or one better...You deserve it!!

  4. when you find him Ca88andra, ask him if he's got an available brother!!!

  5. He's out there somewhere, and I hope he sees this blog. He may just think...."Finally....somebody who wants the same things I do (or similar)!" I hope this man shows himself soon!

  6. Sounds like a great guy! I hope you find him.

  7. Sounds like a good guy! But you know what? My husband ended up being the perfect match for me, but not what I would have thought. Interesting how love works.

  8. You can, and you will, find your ideal partner. I hope you meet him soon.

  9. If you find one of these, see if they make doubles. I have a friend who also needs this exact kind of guy!

  10. Cass, he sounds wonderful. I hope you find him!

  11. Your ideal partner is TALL!

    I believe there is a perfect someone for everyone and you will find him. :)

  12. Robyn - thank you! I'm keeping the faith...
    Domestic - perfect! A beachside BBQ!
    Seductress - thank you, I live in hope!
    Leah - I will!
    Carol - me too!
    Writer - thank you!
    Kazzy - definitely interesting...
    Donut girl - me too!
    Betty - I will check it out.
    Joy - thank you!
    Martha - thats because I'm tall, especially with heels!

  13. Glad you got on to this idea, finish it with the full moon. Mine has already worked.


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