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Sunday, May 2, 2010

As Mother's Day approaches - a note for my sons

Mother’s Day is a week away and, while I hope you aren’t considering spending too much money on me there are definitely presents I don’t want.

I don’t want the latest Susan Boyle CD, nor do I want any CD with classical music, or remixes of love songs. I am 50 not 150.

I don’t want any form of potted plant, gardening implement or gnome for the flower beds. Not only do I hate gardening with a passion, we also do not have any flower beds. Not that you would notice.

I don’t want the latest kettle, toaster or other kitchen appliance. The ones we have do very well and I will not be happy if I’m reminded that I am the only one to venture into the kitchen.

I don’t want a bunch of flowers. They are beautiful for the first couple of days, but eventually I’m the one who has to clean up the dying petals and wash the vase of rotting water. Chocolates and wine, while thoughtful, are also things I can easily buy myself and I’m liable to get my favorite brands.

There are some presents that I would like this Mother’s Day.

I would like to have the TV to myself all day as well as being in command of the remote control all day.

I would like to have all three meals cooked for me and the resulting mess in the kitchen cleaned up.

I would like to have my car cleaned – inside and out.

That’s about all really. But if you do want to spend money on me, can I suggest the following:

• the complete series of Sex and the City

• the complete series of Boston Legal

• Alicia Key’s first album that I bought years ago and now can’t find

• a voucher for a car cleaning place

• two vouchers for a car cleaning place…


  1. Haha. This was cute! Especially the part about being 50, not 150.

  2. I like them cooking and washing up for you all day. Wouldn't that be fabulous?

  3. Ahahahah- NO SUSAN BOYLE????!!!! I hope you get everything you want on Mothers Day!! You deserve the finest!!!


  4. Hope you hinted at them reading the blog.

  5. Great ideas...those are probably the hardest things for your kids to actually do. Participating in mothers day usually isn't part of the package. Unless it's going out to eat...of course!

  6. Love it! This could be my list as well!!!

  7. Awesome list. If they comply, you'll have a fabulous Mother's Day. Keeping fingers crossed for you that at least some of this will be realized!

  8. Amen on the cleaning the car out. You should add clean out the fridge.

  9. Love it. I hope your boys pay attention!

  10. Boston Legal is one of my most favorite shows ever! Great choice!

  11. That's it, let them know what you want. That way they can't say they didn't know. :)

  12. Snafu - thank you!
    Deborah - well they cleaned up once...
    Seductress - thank goodness no SoBo!!!
    Domestic - only one actually read my blog.
    Susan - you got it in one!
    Betty - feel free to use it when you need to.
    Robyn - well some of it did get realised, so I am lucky!
    Summer - am still waiting for the car to be cleaned.
    Martha - unfortunately they didn't pay attention to much!
    Obama - thank you - I love it!
    Joy - True, they knew, just didnt do it!


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