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Monday, June 14, 2010

No excuses

Yes, I’ve been absent from my writing for awhile and no, there are no excuses. Well, none that holds any water so to speak. Life and all that entails simply took over and I found myself with little time and no energy.

It’s been a time for some soul searching and deep thought. Not only for myself but also for my youngest son who is grappling with some difficult emotions and feelings. His football, which means everything to him, is not as satisfying as it once was. For the past two seasons the teams he has played in have only won about 3 games and that is a difficult thing for youngsters to cope with. By the way, we are talking Australian Rules Football here.

He’s also coming to the end of high school with very little idea of where he wants to head in life and what he wants to do. He misses the band he was in 18months ago and would like to focus more on his music, but his friends from the band are now scattered in different cities. It all makes for some deep and meaningful conversations in our house!

As for me, I’ve finally worked out what I want to do when I grow up!

I want to write!

I grew up constantly scribbling stories, letters and diaries. The only time I’m truly happy with what I’m doing is when I’m writing. I have one book written and ready to be edited and I’m somehow going to find the enthusiasm and the time to do just that! Although I must admit, finding enthusiasm for writing is one thing, but finding it for editing, well... that is another thing altogether!

So, now that I’ve decided my career for the remaining years of my life, I have to work out a way to reach my goals. I have taken the first step and booked my ticket to a talk on how to publish non-fiction (my book is in the form of a memoir).I’m hoping the Universe will acknowledge this step and help me on my way.

As I go along my chosen path, I’ll keep you updated. Let’s see if I can turn myself into the Susan Boyle of the literary world!

In the meantime, if I’m missing again in the next couple of weeks, it’s because I’m studying for exams. Wish me luck!


  1. I've never quite understood why we expect 17-18 year-olds (about your son's age yes?) to know what they want to 'be.' Like you said, some of us are just figuring that out now!

    Is he going to university? That's a good place to start even if he doesn't know what to study the first year or two.

    As for you, I am so excited to hear this! Brilliant!

  2. I promise, I will buy your first book. :)

  3. Good for you, both in deciding your path in life and for not pressuring your son to find one already at his young age. We have to constantly remind our 15 year old daughter to tune out the pressure that the public schools place upon them to hurry up and decide on a career and specific college already.

  4. I would buy it too!!! I want to do that when I grow up as well!! Glad you are back,, sending hugs to you and your boy!!

  5. I have a son your son's age and it's a tough age to be!

    Congrats on finding your passion! No out there and get 'em!

  6. My 21-year old is also in a bit of a rut. It is tough for kids 17-22 or so.

    Good luck to you in your writing!

  7. Deborah I agree. No, he doesn't want to go to University and I won't push him. I only went to University first when I was 37!

  8. Martha - Thank you!
    Brenda - there is a lot of pressure out there. Good for you being sensible with your daughter!
    Seductress - Thank you! Don't grow up too quickly now :-)
    Betty - it is tough. Thank you!
    Kazzy - my 21 year old didn't work out what he wanted to do until this year. Now he is very happy!


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