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Sunday, June 27, 2010


I love Sundays. On Sundays I can sleep in or read or laze around in my pjs for as long as I like. Of course I don’t, but I could if I wanted to. There is freedom in choice.

Sunday mornings mean pancakes and catching up with the news of the world. Pancakes on a Sunday morning have long been a tradition in our house. I’m not sure exactly when this tradition started, but it has certainly continued. Even my eldest son, who moved out of home at the beginning of the year, expects pancakes on a Sunday morning if he visits.

I make my pancakes from scratch and they have regularly been voted “better than Maccas” by my three most discerning gourmands. For those of you who might want the recipe, it’s very easy. For each person I mix together one small coffee cup of plain flour, two heaped teaspoons of baking powder, a pinch of salt, 1 egg and enough milk to make a thick mixture. I let it stand for 30 minutes and then add more milk until it’s the consistency I want. That amount of mixture will make around 3 pancakes per person depending on the size you make them. Smothered with butter and maple syrup, the pancakes tend to disappear as quickly as I can cook them. I only have one problem – I can never work out exactly how much pancake batter to make. Sometimes the boys aren’t very hungry and I have left over batter. Sometimes – like this morning – there wasn’t quite enough. Sigh.

I used to read the weekend newspapers on a Sunday. Nowadays I catch up with all the news online. Not only has it worked out to be a less expensive and more environmentally way to read the news, but I also don’t take up the entire table and it is much easier to flick between papers and news stories. I love relaxing in front of the computer with my pancakes and coffee, reading about the world we live in.

Sunday afternoons are never as relaxing. Sunday is a day to do the laundry – the muddy clothes from football and the pile of clothes the boys wore through the week that never quite made it into the dirty washing basket. It’s also a time to catch up with cleaning. Today I finally wiped off the layers of dust on top of my fridge! Like who looks on top of a fridge? It was only after I was trying to reach something I had stored up there and got on a chair to look for it, that I realised how gross it was.

It took awhile today, but I finally convinced the boys to tidy their rooms and help with the vacuuming. There is something special about a clean house, it always makes me feel wonderful to look around and see shiny surfaces. Of course it would be much nicer to have a cleaner come in and do it for me, but it does only take an hour a week to keep the place clean, so I guess I can’t complain.

So now I’m going to enjoy the rest of my Sunday. There are books to read, football to watch on TV and, for dinner, home made pizzas and a glass of lovely red wine. What more could a girl want?


  1. Letting the batter rest for 30 minutes... I'll have to remember that. I make mine from scratch too, but given I live alone I always manage too make too much and end up having them all day long.

  2. Hi. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love Sundays too.

  3. STOP "jiggling" your's irritating.

  4. Yum. Your pancakes definitely sound worth getting out of bed on a Sunday morning for!
    Be well.

  5. I agree with you. A shiny surface makes me feel peaceful and relaxed.

    I've heard it said, "chaotic environment, chaotic thoughts."

    I agree.

    So nice to meet you!

  6. Yay, I'm not the only one who doesn't clean the top of the fridge but once in awhile.

  7. I love Sunday mornings too and often make homemade pancakes, especially when we have berries in season to go into the batter!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog during the Friday 40 and Over bloghop. I'm following you back and look forward to getting to know you better through your blog. :)

  8. I cannot wait until my weekends are this relaxing again. I have at least one of two toddlers in my face at 6AM every Saturday and Sunday. :)

  9. Domestic - the longer it rests the better it is!

    Kimberly - thanks for reading and commenting!

    Blase - sorry! can't stop...

    Seductress - let me know when you will be here and you can have more than one pancake!

    Robyn - apparently so! You're welcome to come and try them sometime.

    Empress - very nice to meet you too!

    Brenda - you are definitely not alone!

    Ro - oooo the berries sound lovely! Thanks for reading and commenting!

    Summer - relaxing weekends will come. I remember the days when I tried to stay in bed with three wriggling toddlers! Didn't work.

    Marnie - I did! lol


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