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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ladies lunch at the football

Yesterday I went to the annual ladies lunch at my youngest son’s football club. Every year when his club plays a certain other club, the women from both clubs get together at a fundraising lunch. It was my third lunch and they just keep getting better and better.

The lunch has grown over the years from a handful of women in the clubhouse to yesterday’s effort which saw around 200 of us in a large marquee on the lawns behind the clubhouse. It has become such a popular event that many women couldn’t get tickets to it this year, so no doubt it will be bigger next year. Yesterday funds were being raised for a breast cancer charity and one of the members, a breast cancer survivor, came and talked to us. The marquee was decorated with pink balloons, the tables had white tablecloths and pink napkins, the food was lovely and fully donated and the alcohol flowed. The men from the football club’s board and committee worked the bar and waited tables for the event.

There was a fashion parade, lingerie and makeup were there to be tried on and bought and the afternoon finished with a duet who belted out a range of music from the 70’s to now. Women of all ages filled the dance floor – elegantly and inelegantly! There were a couple of women there who are probably waking up today hoping they just had a bad dream and had not really drunk that much champagne! Like the one who was lifting her dress to her waist to try on some of the lingerie, leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination! Or the slightly older woman bent over double on her chair, sound asleep, but still with a firm grasp on her glass.

Oh yes, and there were two football games! In the previous two years I had flitted in and out of the lunch to watch my eldest son play. (He now plays for another club as he moved to the country). But this year, as my youngest son still had his arm in a sling, I was free to sit through the entire lunch. I had brought a couple of girlfriends with me and we quickly made friends with the other women on the table – some of the footballers wives, girlfriends, friends and mothers. I did sneak out to watch a bit of the main game, until it started raining and the marquee again began to look attractive.

Unfortunately my son’s team lost badly. They also ended up with two players down on the field due to injury and none on the bench to replace them. The senior team won well, but also suffered some injuries. With the players already out for awhile, the two teams are beginning to look like the walking wounded!

Both of the girlfriends who came with me yesterday have already said they will come next year and I know of at least three other women who were sad they missed it. Looks like next year I could almost have a table of ten organised by myself!


  1. Sounds like you might have to book your tickets now for next year.
    Glad to hear you have fun.
    Sorry to hear your son is still on the injured list.

  2. Domestic - I'm sure there will be heaps of women wanting to get tickets now! How do I comment on your posts? I can't seem to find the link...

  3. How fun!?! I can't wait to get my son involved in team sports when he is older so I can meet fascinating women and be social. I'm a loner and only have a few friends. I'm joining the PTA this fall to make some more. We will be moving to another state soon and I plan on joining some clubs there to also make friends. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and take care.

  4. The joys of parenting athletic children, eh?

  5. Ca88andra... You have been commenting on my posts. I run The Year I Lived Off Of Ramen Noodles... I just changed emails.

  6. Sounds like fun! Especially the fashion parade (I've never been much of a sports fan)


  7. I used to just love it when my son played soccer. It was a great outing to the park and a chance to visit with other parents. The fashion show sounds like way more fun than our fundraisers though.

  8. Kiki - it was fun! I highly recommend joining clubs and such to meet people. Good luck!
    Summer - I truly love it!
    Domestic - I'm very observant aren't I?
    Snafu - I did like the fashion parade.
    Susan - It was a great afternoon - I enjoy watching my sons play sport.
    Martha - Absolutely!


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