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Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I am amazed at my youngest son’s attitude. Even with an injured shoulder, with his arm still in a sling, he remains positive. He has continued to stay fit on an exercise bike and constantly asks the rehabilitation expert at the football club for more things to do. Next Tuesday the sling should come off and he will be able to start jogging. He can’t wait.

His attitude has just enforced what I already believe. That positivity can and does go far toward accomplishing goals.

It’s all about attitude and, having just reached the milestone of 50 years on this earth, I know my attitude is fantastic at the moment. Whoever it was who told me that turning 50 was like beginning life all over again was exactly right. It’s like I’ve started another life altogether. This moth has shed her wings and gone back to being a butterfly!

I haven’t felt this healthy or this energetic for years. Yes, I am trying to keep to a healthy diet and yes, I have started a new exercise regime, but this is bigger than just trying to look after myself. I feel as if someone has pulled a rope, the background scenery has changed and I’m about to step on an untravelled road with a myriad of adventures awaiting me.

Oh yes, there are downsides to turning 50; mostly physical ones. Sometimes I look at my hands and wonder where they came from. They have more pronounced veins and wrinkled skin than they ever had. My waist has suddenly grown to the same measurement my hips used to be and my hips! Well, let’s just not mention my hips right now. I look in the mirror and spot new grey eyebrow hairs almost every day and even some white eyelashes. Yes, dying all of those is on my list!

But even the excess weight, the flabby skin and the wrinkles cannot keep me down. I’ve earned every one of them and they all make me who I am today. I am the daughter, the ex wife, the mother and the friend who’s every experience has etched itself into my body and I have enjoyed the ride.

As I step onto the new road and look around me with both caution and anticipation, I am secretly excited by this new phase in my life. Attitude! I have plenty of that I hope!


  1. What a wonderful attitude - I'm excited for you!!

  2. i totally agree! your attitude is totally rubbing off on me!!!

    You go girl!!!!

  3. You go, go, go missus! The world is your mollusc!

  4. Good for you, Ladybug. Keep up that positive nature. It may rub off over here!!

  5. That is the way to be. You have to be loving every minute of it.
    And wow! Hope I look half as good when I turn 50.

  6. Fantastic! You could put some of that attitude in a bottle and sell it. You'll make millions!

  7. I agree with you, our attitude means a lot and having a positive one helps a whole lot!

  8. Everyone - thank you for your comments! Just the fact I have people who read my words makes me feel fantastic. Life just gets better and better!

  9. You are so right, attitude makes all of the difference! Way to go for your son, he must have learned it from you!

  10. I love a positive attitude..It has helped me through many months. The thing is, once you accept the past, the way ur son accepts that the damage is already done to his arm, there can only be positive outcomes from the previous situation- his arm healing- so he is positive for that..


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