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Sunday, February 21, 2010


Had a great night last night with my friends, despite the fact I’d forgotten I would have to take my youngest son to basketball, so was racing to get ready after the game. There is nothing like trying to change bra straps (from normal to plastic so they can’t be seen under a singlet top) when you are in a hurry. I’m sure bra straps know you are in a hurry and simply refuse to obey! I eventually conquered them using a skewer.

Anyway, I finally got to our first destination and met my friends. One of them had brought a friend of hers along, so there were four of us. We found a table and got a drink, chatted and looked around at the crowd. There were so many young people! Actually one of my friends bumped into a friend of her son’s. That was awkward. Apparently mothers aren’t allowed to go out!

The venue was ok, an old style pub that had been renovated, but we thought we could do better. So we left and headed down the road to a restaurant/bar that looked pretty nice from the outside. We climbed the stairs and, upon reaching the top, was stopped by the bouncer asking us for ID! Well, you should have seen our faces. Our jaws dropped, our mouths opened, we were in shock. We must have very expressive faces because the bouncer burst out laughing. He had just been joking with us! It was a nice joke though and set the scene for a good evening.

We all decided this venue was the one for my birthday. The bar is set outside on decking, there are long tables around and, if it’s cold or wet they have a retractable roof and heaters. The drinks are reasonably priced, the piped music wasn’t so loud that you couldn’t have a conversation and the staff were friendly. So I’ve got the date and the venue, I just have to get some invitations out.

Today I went out for drinks with another friend. We have both joined an American expat group and went to one of their “meet ups” at a beer garden in the city. It was a lovely afternoon and good to meet some new people.

All in all I’ve had a very social weekend!


  1. Wish I could come buy you a birthday drink and give ya a birthday hug!! A skewer was genius!!!


  2. Sounds like you had a good time!

    BTW - what is an expat group?

  3. Seductress - come on down! Will meet you at the airport...
    Martha - an ex pat (ex patriate) is someone who is voluntarily away from their own country

  4. Now you're talking! A fun eve out with friends is always a good morale booster! And I'm glad you found just the right place for your party! I'm sending you a cyber-margarita!


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