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Friday, February 19, 2010

It's all about Me!

I wish that were true! However, this weekend will come close because on Saturday night I’m going out with some friends to choose a venue for my 50th birthday drinks in April. The whole concept of turning 50 is a bit surreal. I still feel like a teenager (and I’m sure some people think I still act like one). But I’m willing to embrace the big 5 – 0 in style, so someone has to work out where to celebrate and I guess that will be me.

I decided against a party – I always get far too nervous wondering if anyone will turn up. I also decided against having anything at my home – I would not enjoy cleaning up the next day. So my plan is to let my friends know I will be at a certain venue on the day and they can join me for drinks if they like. I’ll provide some food, everyone can buy their own drinks and we can just relax. But to do that I have to decide where to go first!

Mind you, I do have to clean the house and do the laundry tomorrow. And I will have to take my youngest son to his basketball game, but after that I will meet two of my friends and we will have a few drinks at a couple of venues. I want to see what sort of crowd each of the venues attracts on a Saturday night and what sort of music they play. Both are very important details.

Apart from going to the wedding last week, I don’t think I’ve been out on a Saturday night for a very long time. If I have, I can’t remember. Of course I’m not counting my son’s basketball games!

But that’s not all. On Sunday afternoon I’m going out with another friend to a “meet up” at a beer garden. The meet up is being held by an online group of American expats in Melbourne. I joined the group around Christmas and haven’t yet been to any of their functions, so I’m a little bit nervous. However, I’m determined to get out there and meet more people. The beer garden they have chosen is a very nice venue, I’ve been there a few times before. There’s usually a crowd of people, live music and a relaxed atmosphere.

So I have a very pleasant weekend ahead of me. I guess the most stressful thing will be deciding what to wear!


  1. So that's not too stressful, just go out and have the time of your life, dance with a few guys you don't know, see how it goes!


  2. OMG! God Bless you at 50- you are gorgeous!

    hope you have a smashing time whatever you decide to do!

  3. Secretia - had a few drinks, but no dancing. Had a great time though.
    Mo Diva - thank you! had a lovely time.
    Donut girl - I did and hope you did too!

  4. I think your idea on how to celebrate your 50th sounds great. Make it as stress-free as possible.