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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Dress Up Blues continued

Or should I say there are no more dress up blues! I went shopping this morning at one of my favorite shopping places in Melbourne – Bridge Road in Richmond. It is a long shopping strip with designer dress shops, factory outlets, shoe shops, suit shops and lingerie shops all dotted with cafes, restaurants and bars.

I had done my homework as I knew I wouldn’t have much time. No matter how good my intentions are, I always find it difficult to get up early on a weekend and the shops on Bridge Road mostly close around lunch time on a Saturday. I went online, checked out the fashion stores and picked a couple I wanted to go to.

I was lucky with my first attempt. Not only did I like the clothes, but the sales lady was great. She wasn’t too pushy and gave me an honest opinion. It’s not often you get a sales person who tells you that one of their pieces of clothing doesn’t look quite right on you! With her help I found a lovely skirt and top that is sort of like a sleeveless waistcoat. I just have to find a black lacy camisole to wear under it and all will be well!

I’m so happy I found something that fits and doesn’t make me look either old or fat. If my son comes back home soon with his camera I will see if I can put some photos up here. I can’t find any online to show you!

The rest of my day has been spent doing the laundry and cleaning the house. How exciting is that? But later this afternoon I’m going to visit my ex boss who is also a friend, so that will be nice.

And tomorrow… well, I have no plans at the moment. We will see what the day brings.


  1. Hope it's a good one!!! Congrats on the find!!! SCORE!!! I love when that happens!! Makes me wanna go look rightchya now!!! Hugs

  2. That sounds like a very good way to spend Saturday to me. I went shopping yesterday, too (+ grocery shopping). Lots of good sales going on :) I bought a cute blouse and some make up brushes.

    Have a nice Sunday!

  3. Sounds like a fun Saturday! Congrats on finding an outfit :)

    Kate xx

  4. congrats on finding something you like! That is rare for me.

  5. Can we have photos please? Preferably of you modelling the clothes!

    Kitty x

  6. Thank you! Thank you!
    Kitty - I will try to get photos. But as my eldest son is the only one with a camera and he's moved out... we shall see...

  7. Isn't it nice when it doesn't take forever to find something that looks good and at a price you're willing to pay?


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