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Monday, February 7, 2011

The week that was

My technology woes continue to stalk me. I don’t know what I did to offend the god of technology, but I’ve obviously done something.

Now our Foxtel (equivalent of cable) isn’t working. We can no longer access shows we have recorded nor can we record any more. This is not good. I spent a rather long time on the phone with one of the technicians – to the point where he told me he had spent a long time with me and I was tempted to tell him to suck it up. He talked me through a variety of troubleshooting solutions, none of which worked. Eventually he got me to reset the entire system, which resulted in losing everything we had recorded, and that didn’t work either. So now we have to wait a week for the technician to be in our area before we can have it fixed.

On the bright side I took my phone into the customer service centre and they believe they can fix almost all the issues I’m having and I should have it back before I leave for Perth next weekend. The girl on reception was lovely and restored my faith in warranties.

I managed to put on a kilo of the weight I had lost, however it’s not all bad as I’ve lost an inch off my waist! So I’m hoping I’ve put on some muscle instead of some fat. I totally broke my diet over the weekend, pigging out on pizza, chocolate cake and chips, but I don’t feel so bad.

Went shopping yesterday and found just what I was looking for, some flat summer shoes to take on holiday with me. Temperatures in Perth are rather hot so I’m only packing light summer clothes. At the moment they are fighting some awful bush fires that have destroyed several houses. I hope they come under control soon.

Speaking of natural disasters, the weather here has been totally crazy – cyclones, rain and floods in the East of Australia and drought and high temperatures in the West. All we need is locusts – oh wait – we have had them too! This summer has been totally extraordinary. I’ve even had the heater on this morning as it was freezing in the house when I woke up. Its summer! What’s going on?

I’m looking for a good book to take to Perth with me to read on the plane. Any suggestions?


  1. Technolgy hates us all, you're not alone.

  2. Sorry the technology gods continue to harrass you, but it sounds like you're making some progress.
    I'm behind-the-times with my reading, so you've probably read this one: Eat, Pray, Love (Elizabeth Gilbert). I'm really enjoying it and definitely recommend it.

  3. Mrs Tuna - thank goodness I'm not alone!

    Robyn - I have read it - I actually bought it the last time I was at an airport - and I love it too! The sequel isn't quite as good, but worth reading.

  4. I thought the business of waiting for ages to get things like cable fixed only happened in Jamaica - so much for that.

    We have been hearing about the floods and the heat. World wide, it seems the weather has gone bananas. 'Course, we have contributed to that in the way we're treating the environment.

  5. Haven't read much lately but I love Jodi Picoult(spelling may be wrong).

  6. it seems it's always hard to get good directions to get machinery to work sorry you have to wake. take care rose

  7. I consider myself pretty tech-savvy, but every now and then I still get thrown by things not working. i hate that!

    How about a thriller or mystery?

  8. JL - apparently the technician arrived today and was surprised we had to wait a week! Go figure. But it all works now which is a great outcome.

    gayle - I've read some of her books and enjoyed them, but I'm sort of leaning toward non fiction.

    rose - thank you! I really think the machines have something against me!

    Kazzy - I would have also considered myself tech savvy, however the last few weeks has probably corrected that notion! I settled on a memoir of which I cant remember the name and dont feel like getting out of bed to find!


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