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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Perth Holiday Part III - Mandurah and Perth

I had a fantastic time in Mandurah. Not only did I get to wander by the water and check out the various markets, but I got to swim in the clear blue ocean and see dolphins!

On my second last day there we hired a boat – more of a punt with a cage around it – and we went all around Mandurah in search of dolphins. Many of Mandurah’s houses and apartments are built on canals – think Venice, but cleaner and bluer and sunnier – some are absolutely huge with their own jetties, massive boats, tennis courts, etc. Around the entry to the ocean marina we saw dolphins. At one point they came right up to the boat and under it and around it. It was a magical sight.

That night we went to the local Irish pub for dinner. There was a singer / guitarist playing music from my teenage years. I’d forgotten how much I enjoy listening to live music.

The next day I was headed back to Perth and my father. On the way we went to the local harness races as my son had to help with one of the horses. After that we stopped at a national park and saw some very tame kangaroos – tame enough to pat! Then to the city for some shopping, dinner at an Indian restaurant and we took our dessert to Kings Park – a large park with natural bush land bordering the city.

I’m back in Perth now and things are a little better with my father. I’ve been allowed to walk down to the shops in the mornings, giving me a bit of a break. Today I had lunch with a friend I haven’t seen for over 30 years. It was fabulous to catch up with her and comforting that she hasn't changed a bit!

View from Kings Park


  1. the dolphins and roos are so cool...sounds like you are having some fun! ...looks beautiful!

  2. Sounds like you're having fun. And, yes, there's nothing like live music in a pub to lift the mood.

  3. Martha - thank you - the pics dont really do justice to the beauty of the dolphins.

    mermaid - lots of fun!

    Fran - having fun definitely - and I think I'd better go out to more pubs!

  4. That all sounds and looks wonderful, especially swimming in the clear blue water with dolphins.

  5. Looks awesome. Did you feel the earthquake in NZ?

  6. Beautiful photos. I would love it there.

  7. So cool to see what Perth looks like! My good friend is moving there this summer! (We are in Colorado, USA) Her husband's family is there and they have decided to try living there. I am excited for them but will be so sad to have her so far away.

  8. Robyn - it was wonderful - something I won't forget!

    Kazzy - It was awesome. No, we didn't feel the earthquake here, but we keep updated. It was awful.

    Writer - you would love it there for sure!

    Kristy - Well, only the last photo was of Perth the others are of Mandurah about 1hr south of Perth. Maybe you can visit your friends one day?