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Friday, February 18, 2011

Perth Holiday Part II - Mandurah

So last night my son brought me down to his new home in Mandurah, about an hour south of Perth. It is absolutely beautiful here – right on the beach. There is a boardwalk along the water, heaps of places to eat, drink or just have a coffee. Actually as I was having my morning coffee I saw a dolphin! I tried to take a photo but it was far too quick for me.

In the afternoon we went to the beach and had a splash in the water. It felt cold when we first got in, but we soon got used to it. Sunbaked for awhile, back in the water and then we saw another dolphin!

It’s probably lucky that I’m having this weekend away from my father as I blew up at him yesterday. I was just tired of being locked in the house and frustrated with his constant paranoia. He had wanted me to go to the bank for him, but had insisted I take my son with me for protection. My son was late, I was worried we wouldn’t make it to the bank before it shut and I just exploded! I told him in no uncertain terms that I was totally capable of going to the bank on my own and I was tired of being constantly protected and locked up. I apologized later, but I really should have tried to keep my temper.

I am going back to my father’s on Monday until next Friday and I will have to try to keep my temper. I think I will just have to insist on going for a few walks and hope he will be able to put up with it. In the meantime, I’m going to enjoy myself here.


  1. Now that looks nice! remember you said this was a holiday...keep that in mind and tell your Dad that too. Have fun!

  2. Beautiful pictures!

    Isn't it funny that even as adults our parents can get on our nerves??

  3. That looks like a beautiful getaway spot.

  4. I need a holiday. Looks like a great locale.

  5. mermaid - it is nice! and being in Mandurah is the holiday part.

    Martha - it is funny! I hope I learn a few lessons and try not to get on my boys' nerves.

    Robyn - it is gorgeous!

    Kazzy - I can recommend Mandurah for sure!

  6. Good info there for Perth Cass ,Consequently,You spent the entire holiday able to really appreciate the beauty of the tourist destinations you visited in Perth .


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