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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Writer's block

Yes, it has hit me with a vengeance. Writer’s block.

That’s why I haven’t been here for awhile. I couldn’t think of anything to write about. So I spent my evenings lying on the sofa watching bad television and trying to think of what to write.

After all my days are fairly monotonous and bordering on being boring. I get up; I wake up my boys, make coffee, make lunches, get dressed and go to work. The bulk of my day is spent at a computer, I then leave for home, usually stopping at the supermarket on the way. I get home, get changed, make dinner, and put some laundry on and end up lying on the sofa watching bad television.

Oh – and this past week I varied the routine slightly. I added in helping my youngest son revise for his exams. Mind you I don’t think I helped at all because his responses weren’t as enthusiastic as I’d like them to be. After all I kind of liked “A Streetcar Named Desire” and the film he had to watch was pretty good. Then again, I like English.

I took my son to the surgeon too and he definitely needs surgery on his shoulder. It will be rather expensive, but we will cope. I find that the only way to face these situations is head on with determination. Well, it’s the only way I know anyway. Head on like a bull at a gate.

So there you go. And here I go, back to the sofa to watch some more bad television. Isn’t life wonderful!


  1. Sometimes it's just like this yes? Your creative-self is holing up and reconfiguring. You'll be back stronger than ever.

    Wasn't 'Streetcar Named Desire' great? Love that film.

  2. Cassandra, one of my dearest friends is a writer and I've seen first hand writer's block. It's not fun.
    I know for me, when I need inspiration I go get in elsewhere in another form. Be it sitting at Starbucks or taking pictures. Sometimes it comes from one word.

    You just never know... But I wish you a quick and speedy recovery from the writer block blues.
    Hang in!

  3. Any kind of block usually responds to stimulation and inspiration. Bad t.v. won't help. Walk around the neighborhood....go for a swim.....browse a book store. Just get active. Happens all the time...BUT..... We are in charge of our own destiny.......

  4. I watch my bad television on DVD now.

    How long will he be out with the shoulder?

  5. i agree with Susan. sugg that you take a camera and choose a place to wall . this might get you out of the dumps. if this doesn't work go to another place. i think you have a block, because you maybe feeling down. when i read blogs, i try to challange myself to look at different subjects or a different way tp present vs another person. you can do this.take care. rose

  6. I've been in the same boat....can't think of a thing to say! My daughter said I should put the picture of Forrest Gump on the park bench and title the post..."That's all I got to say about that".....funny!
    Maybe some topics will pop up for us..until then have a good day (or night) I watch lots of TV too!

  7. We don't need brilliant or clever writing, just a little slice of what you are thinking or feeling. I read blogs to get to know people.

  8. Deborah - the more I read "Streetcar", the more I realise how well written it was.

    Jamie - thank you! I think my conversation with friends last night has unleashed my writer's block!

    Susan - very true! and I'm feeling like I should take hold of my destiny and do something with it!

    Domestic - 3 months after surgery until he can play sport again. Surgery will be just before Christmas.

    Rose -unfortunately I don't own a camera!

    nanny - your daughter sounds like fun!

    Kazzy - Well, I guess I like to write about relevant topics, and my writers block seemed to stop me from thinking and feeling as well. Hopefully its now in the past!


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