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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Home Alone...

So there I was last night, a Friday night, home alone with no one to pick up or take anywhere, no one to cook for and a bottle of bubbly in the fridge! Heaven! I must admit it was fairly odd though, I waited for that text message asking me to come to some address or the other, but then realised it wouldn’t come, so set out to enjoy myself.

The bubbly went down really well. I got some Thai noodles to go with it and sat down to watch some of the shows I had taped from the week before. I was onto my second glass of bubbly when the cleaning craze hit me. Now I don’t second guess a cleaning craze when it comes on. I know that I have to grab the moment and go with the flow. I ran down the hallway and got out the vacuum cleaner.

It was a beautiful spring evening and my front door was open. As I walked past it with the vacuum I noticed the front porch needed sweeping. Down went the vacuum and I was off to get the broom. Front porch accomplished and I picked up the vacuum again. It didn’t seem to take too long before I’d finished the floors. I poured another glass of bubbly to celebrate before I tackled the bathroom.

A clean house always makes me feel fabulous. A clean house that was going to stay clean for at least the night and the next morning – until the boys came home – made me feel doubly fabulous. Or perhaps that was the bubbly!

I washed the floors just before I went to bed. What a wonderful evening. OK, I know I’m sounding a bit weird here and I wouldn’t have stayed home if I’d had a better invitation, but I got so much done in so short a time. Not to mention cleaning on a Friday night leaves me the whole weekend free of household chores - except the laundry of course. But that’s a whole different story.

Following up from my last blog – I must have jinxed myself by writing it. On Wednesday afternoon my youngest son dislocated his shoulder yet again (third time in seven months) and I had to leave work hurriedly to get to his school and take him to hospital. Why the school didn’t call an ambulance I don’t know. He is booked in for surgery in December and I just hope he takes it easy till then. I don’t want him to go through it all again!

So here I am, on a Saturday night, and things have returned to normal. My eldest son is visiting for the weekend and he and my youngest son are on the Playstation yelling and screaming at the game and each other. The third load of washing is in the machine. My middle son is at a friend’s place, where he usually is on the weekends. There are crumbs on the floor from the biscuits and cheese my son bought today. I’m out of bubbly. The sun is going down and all is well with the world.


  1. I wish I had you energy on a Friday night!!

  2. I can honestly say this has NEVER happened to me! Not even when I was pregnant. More's the pity - my place could do with a good spring clean :) Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your comment was appreciated! MM

  3. sometimes alittle hot toddy is good. it makes me sleepy. i've done the house when i feel at loose ends. i can get alot done. rose

  4. I enjoy a good cleaning frenzy. The aftermath is fabulous, especially if I know it is going to stay like that for a while. Make good use of those bubbles! The beautiful, spring evening probably had something to do with it too...... spring is a highly enlightened time of year......

  5. That shoulder will be a life long issue.

    Glad to hear you had some peace and got the chance to just enjoy the moment. Even if the moment was for housework.

  6. Cleaning, for me, is the BEST therapy ever. I love it. People think my cheese done slid off my cracker, but oh well. There's nothing more calming for me than cleaning - and nothing more relaxing than reaping the rewards afterward. Your Friday night is heaven to me!!!

  7. Sounds like you really know how to use your time, girl!

  8. gayle - I think the bubbly helped!

    MultipleMum - never say never! the cleaning bug can hit at any time, any place...

    rose - I like the occasional hot toddy too!

    Susan - I think you are right about spring having something to do with it!

    Domestic - sometimes a housework moment can be a good one too!

    Rabbit - I agree - cleaning is excellent therapy - I just wish I would get the urge more often!

    Kazzy - sometimes I get it right!

  9. Same thing happened to me, I came home from work Thursday evening and looked at the front lawn and could not stand the long grass any longer. Out came the lawn mower. Then Friday evening, a bottle of bubbly in hand, I looked out onto the back yard. Decided to put bubbly in fridge for later and tackle the back, it was even longer grass, pulled out some weeds and then blow vaxed the pergola area. Why was the dog looking at me strangely?

  10. Ok, I have a true confession. I have a cleaning lady who comes every other Friday and cleans he house way better than I ever will.

    If only I could convince her instead of coming for 6 hours bi weekly to come everyday for 30 minutes to vacumn dog hair my life would be perfect.

    PS Thanks for following my blog. :)

  11. Wendy - Im impressed! But you will have to take photos of your work cos I'm not driving all that way again!!!

    Mrs Tuna - one of my recurring dreams is to have a cleaner, or a chef. I think a chef would be better - at least I wouldn't have to think of what to cook anymore!

  12. I totally was with you on the euphoria of emptiness but you lost me at the joy of clean stuff. And I REALLY WISH my hubby... like... business traveled or something. I had no kids until midnight tonight (teens curfew--son is at a friend's for the night) but Mr. Tart is not behaving, so I'd love to be alone if I could...

    Still--definitely identified for a bit there...

  13. I always thought the bubbly made you sleepy. No wait that is wine isn't it? least you got some stuff done and felt fab doing it.

    Hope your son's surgery goes well.

  14. I love bubbly especially when just me and the hubby are home. However, like you, these moments are quite rare. Enjoy should the occasion come again.

    Take care,

  15. Cleaning is good therapy. There are only a few jobs I really have to work hard to convince myself to undertake--like the oven. Today I need to muster the conviction that cleaning it is a positive thing!

  16. good monday. thanks for your comment on my post re age/childhood. i hope you are having a great day. rose

  17. I feel soooo good after I've cleaned as well! Aren't nights like that fabulous?!

  18. Sometimes it just comes upon me, too, Ca88. My husband calls me The White Tornado as he imagines me the living incarnation of an old cleanser commercial. I dust and wipe and mop and sweat and sing and drink - oh most certainly I drink! - and at the end I sit comfortably surrounded by cleanliness of my own making.

    Sounds like a perfect Friday night to me!

  19. Hart - I guess in some instances I'm lucky to be divorced! Glad you could identify for a bit!

    Lourie - red wine can make me sleepy, but bubbles make me... ummm... bubbly!

    Chary - thank you! I will endeavour to have more bubbly moments.

    Lori - I haven't touched my oven for awhile - I think I'm too scared to!

    Rose - thank you!

    Kristy - they are certainly fabulous nights, they just dont happen often enough.

    Ashleigh - ahh nice to see you relate too!