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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Finding my passions

Or rather sorting out the most important passions in my life!

There are many things I am passionate about but, in order to put some focus into my blog, I’m going to attempt to narrow them down to a few.

I am passionate about my family – close and extended. I love my boys with that ferocious, protective love that mothers know only too well. I’ve tried to bring them up with honesty, integrity and hard work and I hope it has rubbed off on them. I freely criticise when I see them doing wrong but am the first to pounce with open claws on anyone else who does the same. I love them and I’m proud of them.

I also love my friends – my extended family. As an only child I’m limited with immediate family, but I have many close friends that I think of as sisters. Some are my age, some older and some younger, but I treasure each of them. Each of my friends has played a special role in my life and I thank them for that.

I am passionate about writing and books. I love words. I love the feelings that words can initiate. I love that some words roll lusciously in your mouth, while others spit themselves out. Given the chance, I could read all day and all night. Although I have my favorite, well worn books, I’m not averse to discovering new ones. I love the books that take you on a journey through either fact or fiction.

I am passionate about women and women’s rights. Along the way I’ve discovered many strong, influential women; some who have become my heroes and some who have left an imprint on my soul. There have been and are some incredibly awesome women in this world.

I am passionate about justice and two of the injustices that stir my passion are the lack of affordable housing in Australia and the sad state of Indigenous health and education. We live in a first world country, yet a noticeable percentage of our population live in third world conditions. There must be a way to bring justice to these situations.

So there it is. I’ve narrowed my passions to these four:

- My family

- Books and Writing

- Influential Women

- Justice

I will attempt now to focus my blog on those four areas. What do you think? Will you still read me?


  1. I'll still read you Ca88andra. I love you're blog and in some ways your attitudes to your family and life in general are parallel to mine. Keep it coming girl. xxxxxx

  2. Most definitely! For the record my family comes first, I love books and when my daughter starts school and I have some time to give to it I want to do something to give back somehow. Here in the US over 20% of kids go hungry on a regular basis and over a third start school without the essential prereading skills because they never see or read books. That's just a couple if injustices.

  3. Of course! Sounds like a good focus.

  4. Leah - thank you! Its comments like yours that keep me motivated.

    Mommy - There are so many injustices in the world - I wish I could solve them all!

    Kazzy - thank you!!!


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