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Friday, March 5, 2010


I haven’t had time to write anything here for a long time. I seem to have been caught up in the cycle of work, home duties and mother duties – not necessarily in that order. The small amount of time I have to myself, I am sorry to admit I tend to lie in front of the television watching one of my favorite shows. A waste of time yes, but still I enjoy mindless entertainment at times.

I’m watching one of my favorite shows at the moment, but it has gotten too violent for me, so I’ve retreated to the computer, just glancing up at the television now and again when I think it is safe. The show is called “Silent Witness”. It is British and about forensics. It can be quite interesting, but sometimes violent as it is now.

I’m not good with violence. I’m also not good with anything scary. This is true for television shows, movies and books. I’ve read awful passages in books, purely by accident, and they have stayed with me for ages, the dreadful, tortured images sometimes popping into my brain for no reason at all. At those times I have to try to think of pleasant things to wash my brain clean.

Because of these images that live in my head, these tortured, dreadful images of horror and terror, I have to be very careful what I allow myself to read or watch. So when there is violence or horror or torture on the television, I sit with a cushion over my eyes and ask my boys to tell me when it has finished. I don’t have the same luxury with a book and I don’t like putting them down half read, but sometimes I have to do just that.

I guess I’m too old now to “grow out” of this aversion to violence and horror. I don’t really think I want to anyway. I would rather not be immune to the brutality of the world.


  1. I can relate...I can't allow myself anything violent before going to bed or I'll have a dreadful night of dreams...that have NOTHING to do with my real llife.

  2. I am the same way!!! Even animal planet--shiver

  3. I like suspense and the occasional scary movie but nothing with blood.

    I know what you mean about being careful what you read or watch though. I do not read or watch the news very much because the constant negative gets too much sometimes.

  4. I don't watch horror films at all, I don't understand why anybody would want to purposely scare themselves! x

  5. i love scary movies but stay away from shows like Criminal Minds. if you like Brit-tv one show you might like {it is not that violent/scary} is MI-5 on PBS. take care.

  6. i hope you dont grow out of it!

  7. becky - me too!
    Secutress - lol - I don't watch animal planet.
    Martha - I have to admit, I'm addicted to the news.
    Kitty - for some reason my boys and their friends love horror films - I have no idea why
    Kiki - I love Criminal Minds! Even though some of their shows are pretty scary. I have't seen MI-5, will look out for it.
    trey - thank you!

  8. I like some scary stuff, but other scary stuff can creep me out, so I guess I have my limits.

    It's good that you recognize what bothers you so you can try to avoid it.