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Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Setting a goal is often easy. Focussing on achieving that goal is sometimes difficult and frequently unexciting. No matter how many times one reminds oneself that the outcome will be worth it and reward in itself, the pathway can be steep and lonely with plenty of distractions along the way.

I am already a writer. My goal is to become a successful author and hopefully a financially successful author. It’s taken me a lifetime to realise what I want to be when I grow up but now the decision is made, its one I’m very comfortable with. However, the steps I must climb to reach my goal will neither be comfortable nor painless. I guess I could have chosen an easier career, however I’ve always enjoyed challenges.

I’m taking baby steps now, learning to walk before I fly. I’ve joined a local writer’s club and attended my first meeting last week. They are all really lovely people and I hope I didn’t put them off with my contribution to the weekly readings. I’d brought with me my first unfinished draft of a short story I plan to enter in a competition. I might be wrong but I think they were a little bit uncomfortable with the two “f” words and the delicately worded masturbation scene.

Our state’s Writers Centre runs various events including a once a month “Write Club” (the first rule of Write Club is, you don’t talk about Write Club…) and I went there last week. It was great. I met some like minded people, listened to an awesome poet and drank a couple of red wines. What more could a girl want? I plan on attending Write Club whenever I can, as well as some of the other events at the Writers Centre.

I’ve entered another short story competition and, as I mentioned above, I’m planning to enter yet another one. I find short stories incredibly challenging to write. I seem to either be able to write short posts or lengthy screeds, but not much in between. But it’s a challenge I’m enjoying taking up. I know I have stories to tell and I plan to tell them in the best way I can.

However, despite the positive moves I’ve made toward becoming a successful author, I still tend to lose focus now and again. Sometimes I will be sidetracked by other challenges or events or issues and I have to keep asking myself “if I do this will it lead to becoming a successful author?” It’s the only way I can keep on track. If the answer is no, I try hard to ignore the issue, turn down the challenge and disregard the event. There are times I become almost desperate with situations and I have to remind myself to stop, take a breath and refocus on my goal. It’s not easy and it’s not pretty but it has to be done.


  1. I certainly know what you mean! I am goal oriented... but I have a lot of goals! Staying on track is not easy when you want to do everything! I find it all works towards the same goal though...our happiness.....What I accomplish in one area...enhances the next. As long as it all meshes together eventually, diversifying keeps it interesting....

  2. It can be hard, can't it? I think one of the hardest things is that there are so many ways in and it is hard to tell which is the best for each of us. All we can do is keep on swimming, eh?

  3. mermaid - I have a lot of little goals, but just the one big one. Happiness is a good thing too.

    Hart - for sure it can! Swimming or just keeping our heads above the water...

  4. Unless the writers who attend write club are old prudes I doubt a few f bombs and a delicately worded masturbation scene would have surprised anyone. Maybe if they knew you a little better they wouldn't be so shocked. Good luck on your quest.

  5. I want to go to a write club! Sounds great. Yes, it is hard to stay on track. I have to balance my blogging and writing.

  6. I have will power of stell, but I think that sometimes gets in my way. I can become a little rigid.

    Best of luck with your writing. :)

  7. the first rule of Write Club is, you don’t talk about Write Club…

    This is funny!

    This is so great Ca88!


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