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Thursday, May 5, 2011

World Peace

I’ve just realised I haven’t posted anything for awhile and I feel extremely guilty. The last few weeks have simply flown by; I’ve been almost out of breath trying to catch up with life. There’s been work of course, which is just getting busier, my study – I’ve had to hand in two assignments, got one more to do and one exam to take before the end of semester, my once a week volunteer tutoring at an English conversation class and the usual home duties. I’ve also been attempting to read more than usual – not for study, but for pure entertainment. But I would only complain if I wasn’t busy and I get bored very easily.

Speaking of assignments, I was just finishing off the last one I handed in when I was startled by a TV announcement that breaking news was at hand. Of course it was the Osama Bin Laden killing that dominated all the TV stations from then on. In a not so politically correct way, I was a bit relieved that at least the Osama news guaranteed there would be no more coverage on the Royal wedding!

I was probably one of the few people in the world who did not watch the Royal wedding. Seriously, to have every free to air TV station showing the exact same footage of the wedding with only slightly different commentaries, was beyond me. Luckily we have pay TV and I watched the football instead! I know – I’m just different.

So Bin Laden is dead. I’ve thought a bit about this and I still haven’t come to a conclusion whether this is a good or bad thing. On the one hand I simply welled with pride at being an American at a time like this. On the other I can clearly see that someone out there will be planning repercussions. There are never any easy options left in this world. Every decision has some sort of consequence that could have global effects. I have to admit, I would hate to have the power to make those decisions.

I guess everyone remembers where they were on September 11 when the twin towers were destroyed. I certainly do and I will never forget the images I saw on TV. I was definitely roused to anger and disbelief and horror at what had happened. I don’t know how anyone can hate another human being that much and I’m saddened to think there is that level of hatred in the world that grows and spreads until more and more tragedies happen and more and more lives are lost.

I don’t put up with any form of racial or ethnic or religious intolerance from my boys. I hope I’ve taught them to try to see everyone as an individual before boxing them into some sort of generalised and usually prejudicial label. I believe that most prejudice comes from fear. We fear what we don’t know and if someone looks strange, or talks in another language or follows religious practices that we don’t understand, we fear them and their lifestyle. The Bin Laden’s of this world are just bullies who thrive on encouraging others to hate and seeing our reactions to their hatred. It’s a vain hope I know, but one day it truly would be wonderful if we could simply accept people for what they are and leave them to live their own lives just as they leave us to live ours. Just like all those Miss Universe hopefuls, I long for “world peace”…


  1. You are not the only one who did not watch the Royal Wedding. I was sick of hearing about it months ago. The craziness of the whole RW here was extreme though. I know my cousin's wife threw a viewing party at 3am. Insane.

    Canada had timed the election to be held right when the RW weekend was over. Though you would never know it, as the news coverage here in Canada was all about Bin Laden.
    I agree with you that it might not be totally over as his followers are sill about.

    Being busy is a good thing. A very good thing. You'll do great on your exam.

  2. I didn't watch the wedding either. I'm not really a celebrity voyeur sort... I love most stuff Anglo, but not in a giddy fangirl way...

    And the Bin Laden stuff is sort of weird. I'm glad he's gone, but don't really like the whole 'killing' celebration... I wish we could be a little more respectful in tone, no matter how horrible somebody was. I expect worse in the shortcome but better in the long, as I don't think there is a charisma replacement for him.

    As for world peace... this would be why I promote nakedness... hard to be mean when you're naked.

  3. I, too, didn't watch the Royal Wedding. Nothing of that sort was worth getting up at 4 o'clock in the morning.
    And I'm also indifferent. I know it means a major milestone and closure for some, but our work isn't over. Like I read on a blog before, if it were up to toddlers, World Peace would be decided over a game of Hungry Hungry Hippos.

  4. Me three! Proudly, I didn't watch the wedding. I also don't have a Tv. I enjoyed your comment about the news overshadowing the Royal Wedding. That is a good thing.

  5. PS, It looks like I meant "Me four." There's a handful of us. ;0)

  6. My daughter made me record it but I've not watched it either.

  7. Thank you all for your comments! I'm kind of proud to be amongst non Royal wedding watchers. As for Bin Laden - apparently the saga continues.

  8. Bin Laden's death also took me back to September 11 and I also realized that the war is far from over. Didn't watch the wedding either.


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