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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Ten Days till Christmas

I’ve discovered that since my boys have grown up into adults, Christmas just doesn’t have the same meaning and sense of fun about it. Most of my Christmas spirit came from hiding presents, trying to wrap them when the boys were in bed and playing Santa on Christmas Eve. I still hide the presents and wrap them in private – its no use waiting till the boys go to bed because they are usually up far later than I am! But the days of playing Santa have long gone.

Strangely enough I still believe in Santa and, whenever I state that fact to the boys they tease me. But I do. I believe in the spirit of Santa, in the thought of Santa, in all the things and feelings and emotions he stands for. I believe that even if each of us can find one small way to play Santa every year, he will continue to exist.

Most years I try to play Santa by donating food or money or both to the Salvation Army, but I have to admit I’ve struck a few lean years and the donations haven’t been quite so large lately. One year the boys and I picked some gifts to give to anonymous children. It’s getting very close to Christmas and I haven’t decided how to play Santa this year.

We have much simpler Christmas celebrations nowadays. This year my eldest son will be on the other side of the country (first Christmas away from home), my middle son will be nursing a hangover (friend’s birthday party on Christmas Eve) and my youngest son will have his arm in a sling (shoulder surgery next Monday). So I’m planning a simple platter of yummy meats, cheeses, olives, crackers, etc and some sort of easy to eat desserts all served with a bottle of bubbly I was given on my birthday. No doubt we will open presents first (maybe I will get one this year?) and eat late, munching through the rest of the day. Christmas and food just seem to go together!

Perhaps when my boys start having their own children – and I hope this will be quite a few years away – the fun of Christmas will return again. For me, Christmas is just not the same without the surprise and delight in a child’s eyes.


  1. I know what you mean....decorations are slim this year....most of the family has decided to forgo the gift thing....but we still do the big one...get together with family.....If it wasn't for Christmas we probably would not not get together. I miss the little kid thing but not enough to wish for grandchildren...not yet anyway. Happy holidays! I hope we all get a gift somehow....

  2. jeeeez, is it only ten days already!? eeeek.

  3. this was very heart warming and just what i needed...

    merry christmas

  4. I have to agree! It's still fun, but not my favorite any more.

    As you said, maybe when the grandbabies start coming.

  5. Oh Christmas just has to be the best time of the year! Lose that and you lose your inner child and the excitement of Christmas is gone.
    Having my niece and new nephew ( plus all the snow that we have)and I hope that we have a very Happy Christmas this year....bit it will still be tinged with a bit of sadness as it was Christmas when we lost our parents.
    Chatting about the Christmases past is what we like to do best.
    Believe in Santa, or he won't visit you!

  6. Cheese and olives and crackers - my favourite type of food. Enjoy.

  7. Santa just makes things more fun! I wish I could spend it with my daughter and her family, but they're just too far away, and I'll be going down next month when she has the baby (boy). I agree, it's just so much more fun when you see the excitement in children's eyes...they're so innocent and lovable!
    I pray you have a Christmas filled with many blessings. After all....Jesus is the reason for the season! Enjoy!

  8. I agree, having children around sure makes Christmas fun....I can't wait to have my sweetpea here for a few days.

    Your tradition of giving is a wonderful example of the true Christmas spirit.

  9. Last year we were down since my mom had just died a few weeks before. So this year we are feeling much more of the spirit.

  10. I have a 3 year old and it's wonderful seeing Christmas through her eyes. I'm not such a fan of Christmas myself though...


  11. I love Christmas! Gotta admit though that it's hard to maintain a lot of cheer when the funds aren't flowing as well as I'd like. However, I keep in mind the meaning of the celebration, and my son makes things worth the effort.

  12. mermaid - I think being with family is the big thing at Christmas, even with a small family like mine.

    The Kid - and only two sleeps to go now!

    Sir Thomas - thank you!

    Deborah - although I really can wait for grandchildren!!!

    Alice - I wish you and your family the happiest of Christmases! I'm sure Santa will come...

    Fran - I will enjoy -thank you!

    Carol - thank you! I hope you have a lovely Christmas even without your daughter and granddaughter, but it will be fabulous to see your new grandson next month!

    nanny - thank you - I hope you have a lovely Christmas.

    Mrs Tuna - hope you continue to feel the Christmas spirit!

    Rachael - a 3 year old is just about the perfect age for Christmas - enjoy!

    Joy - more dollars do make it all easier but not necessarily more fun - have a wonderful Christmas!


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